We are C# and PHP developers

Our products are created using the latest technologies that improve performance, strengthen safety and increase savings. Our job is to create advanced projects that help your business grow.

.NET technology

Combining programming languages with .NET technology.

.NET Framework is a programming platform developed by Microsoft. The platform includes an array of class libraries for developing new applications for Microsoft Windows.

The main task of the .NET platform is to manage different parts of the system: memory, security, and application code. Programs created for .NET are secure, efficient, and most importantly, they can be run on different devices in the Microsoft Windows system family.

Products powered by the .NET platform include: ASP.NET, WPF, Silverlight, WCF.

Symfony 2

Simple, efficient and secure web projects in Symfony2.

Symforny2 Framework is an efficient technology which facilitates the development of advanced projects. It greatly accelerates delivery time and guarantees the security of solutions. It’s a reliable tool that facilitates the work of the development team and the implementation of optimised solutions.

The framework is used by Yahoo, dailymotion and TED, which proves the capabilities of the solution and shows the confidence it enjoys. Symfony2 Framework stands for efficiency, simplicity, expandability, quality, security, code generators, and effectiveness of web pages or applications.

Node.js, Java Script

High quality, efficiency and scalability of web projects.

Our projects must be highly scalable. For that purpose, we use modern and advanced technologies: jQuery and Node.JS, which facilitate the integration of existing solutions with new systems.

The abovementioned tools are also used by IBM, Intel, Mozilla, and Adobe, which proves the capabilities and confidence the technologies enjoy.


Effortless development of transparent and efficient web projects.

HTML5 specification has greatly simplified the creation of www pages and eliminated many problems faced by developers. With the update of the technology the developers were able to give up on outdated solutions available in the previous version. The functionalities include, among others, the possibility to separate the content from the appearance of the created web page.

Also, the changes and modifications brought improved readability and cleaner pages, and they greatly influence the optimization of web services by increasing effectiveness and transparency.


Easy database management thanks to advanced technologies.

Microsoft SQL Server is a comprehensive combination of a database server and information platform. The platform ensures high level of efficiency, data availability and security. It offers highest information quality at the lowest cost of use.

The proposed solution is a combination of cost-aware management with top performance. We search for the most secure and most efficient solutions for our customers, and that is why we work on the platform that ensures almost fivefold savings in annual management of a single database.

Android, Windows Phone

Native and hybrid mobile apps.

We create advanced mobile apps which cooperate with external systems, such as CRM systems, ERP, and social networks. We go with the times: we are aware that nearly one third of Internet users in Poland connect to the network using a smartphone.

We use Windows Phone and PhoneGap to create apps for all platforms available on the market at the same time.


Efficient project management and maximum performance.

Redmine helps us in our everyday workflow. Thanks to planning and setting project priorities the whole team can perfectly manage their time. In addition, the possibility to exchange files and messages improves the organization of the entire team, as all members can track the project progress.

Plus, sending files, messages and managing documents has a positive influence on the work of the entire team: its members may share tasks, work together more effectively and achieve better results.


Maximum version control.

Git is a distributed version control system. The tool gives us more control over our projects: by having access to any version of our software, we can work more quickly and effectively whether we are together in the office or if we work remotely. That boosts our efficiency and speed of our implementations.


Internal communication and work facilitated by Google apps.

Google Apps give us the possibility for instant and effective communication within the team, and ensures security of the documents we create. In our everyday work we use the cloud, Google Documents, Google Calendar and Google Hangouts.

By using the right tools, we are sure that our work is stored in a secure place.

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