If you still have doubts about working with us, let us mention a few facts that speak for themselves.

9 years on the market

The combination of experience and passion allows us to create sophisticated and complex applications and systems, and integrate them into existing solutions. We have a broad experience in developing solutions for clients in various industries. We employ the best developers who continually expand their skills. Life's not only work - we are a good team, we like to work with each other and we have a great time together.

200+ satisfied customers

Satisfied customers are our best advertising. Each project is equally important to us, and effective cooperation and customer satisfaction are our top priorities at every implementation. We have completed over 200 projects using the latest technologies to provide optimised solutions to our customers from Poland, Germany and Ireland.

15+ million

the count of visits to products we developed. Our projects, such as the social network E-FLORYSTYKA.PL, are some of the largest in their categories in the whole of Central Europe. Our priority is to create efficient projects that bring real benefits to our customers. Our team not only creates good quality products, but also uses years of experience to later expand the products.

3+ million lines of code

We have developed during the implementation of all our projects. We create many types of software, from corporate websites, web portals, social networking, retail and service platforms, to complex CRM systems. Moreover, we synchronize systems such as e.g. Microsoft Dynamics, Zoho CRM, SAP ERP, and other CRM and ERP systems tailored to individual customer needs.

2100 + commits

Our software is growing rapidly, the number of approved changes speaks for itself: we continuously improve our projects to adjust them to market requirements. The number of commits best proves that we are able to quickly react and introduce changes in the software.

240+ deployments

By updating our projects we are able to improve their performance. Frequent updates allow for modifications and improvements, and adapting to the latest requirements.

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Our core strength

Oh, you are a reading person?

  • Process

    • before project implementation we try to understand the customer needs, design mockups and present the flow of individual screens in the project;
    • based on the mockups, with proper data flow or UML we can minimize misunderstandings;
    • our developers deliver optimal quality software at minimum lead time;
  • Quality

    • we drive our efforts to ensure the highest quality of our work – the quality of deployment is at the core of every project;
    • optimal quality of each project stems from a thorough analysis of the client's needs paired with our deep commitment to success;
    • we increase the effectiveness of error detection in the produced software by using automated and individual tests;
  • Communication

    • we are open to customer suggestions – before we even start to work on your project, we analyze your needs: we want to get to know you and your ideas before the start of cooperation;
    • we are there for the customer – at every stage of the project and after its completion, if you want to upgrade your software or develop your business;
    • we work in the scrum methodology – we present demo projects, which increases efficiency and facilitates quick returns in the project;
  • Continuity

    • every customer is our business partner, with whom we establish long-term cooperation; we value relationship building;
    • our products are modified and adapted to the requirements of the market even after their deployment;
    • our continuous cooperation with customers involves consultations and support offered using our best abilities;
  • Speed

    • after a thorough analysis of your needs, we don’t waste time and present the best options and solutions for your product;
    • we make sure that all projects are deployed ahead of schedule and in compliance with all standards of efficiency and security;
    • all projects are made within the deadline agreed with the customer: timely delivery is the basis of our work and determines the success of each project;
  • Trust

    • we are a reliable company – as proved by our satisfied customers: their business is our business;
    • the confidence in our products motivates us to constantly grow and improve;
    • we value cooperation and mutual respect, so we take care of the projects not only during the deployment, but also after our work is complete;
  • Security

    • we work using technologies operating on a very high level of security;
    • to communicate our systems use various forms of security – not only at the level of communication, but also in the code itself;
    • we care about the security of our projects at every stage of development;
  • Technologies

    • to create our products we employ the latest technologies: .NET, Symfony 2, Microsoft Dynamics, Windows Azure, MSSQL, etc.
    • we strive to constantly watch the market for new technologies, and we continuously expand our knowledge and skills;
    • the use of the latest solutions increases the efficiency and competitiveness of our projects;
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Mobile: +48 501 706 718
E-mail: office@royalapps.co

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